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Welcome to DebtCare Services

Welcome to DebtCare Services, a division of DebtCare Canada Inc. DebtCare Services was created to overcome the lack of debt management professionals who truly represent the interests of their clients within the financial services industry today. We work with EAP providers, general support organizations like the Salvation Army and JVS Toronto, not-for-profit agencies, lawyers, marriage therapists, and many more professionals to ensure that their clients receive affordable, unbiased financial advice and resources. Our goal is to ensure that Canadians of all economic standings find their way to financial health and freedom.



We have enjoyed working with DebtCare Services. They have helped our clients immensely not only learn how to manage their finances but also deal with their debt and build strong credit. The staff at DebtCare Canada are professional and always go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. We highly recommend the programs offered by DebtCare.

Paul Mangion, Principal at The Mortgage Centre